Music Lessons During COVID-19

Updated 4/12/20

Due to the COVID-19 situation and to help protect students and families, we are offering ALL LESSONS ONLINE until further notice. Please follow these steps before your online lesson.

  1. Send a photo of assignments
  2. Have a pencil to take notes
  3. Set up camera to view student
  4. Log into Zoom

Additionally, if you have an iPad please click here to view our App Page and download “Piano Maestro” which will allow you connect to your teacher for digital homework assignments. If you need any music your teacher can send you a pdf or photo via email.


How do I join my online lesson?

Before your lesson, make sure to secure a recent iPad or laptop (with speaker, camera and microphone) and download the Zoom app (

The Zoom ID and password will be given by your teacher. Please do not join the room until it is your scheduled time and please do not hold your teacher overtime since other students are waiting.


What if I want to continue online lessons in person?

If you chose to do so, after COVID-19 has passed you will be able to continue lessons online or in person but schedules will need to be reorganized.


What should I do before my lesson?

Your teacher may not have the music the student is working on so please have it ready. Before the lesson send a screenshot / photo of your music and any other homework to your teacher. Make sure you practice even more than usual since online lessons will need much more dedication and practice. Skipping practice will severly hinder progress even more than usual since the learning curve is slower online.


How should I set up the camera for online lessons?

Here are a few tips to make the best of an online lesson:

  • Use a recent iPad/Phone or Laptop with a good quality camera / microphone / speakers.
  • Phones may rest perfectly on the corner end of the piano keys.
  • Make sure to have a reliable Wifi connection with broadband internet.
  • Using headphones might help with sound quality.
  • Prepare to have the device set up in a way that the teacher can see you and your hands on the piano.
  • If you choose to use 2 devices (One for your face and one for your hands) be sure to mute one to prevent feedback.
  • Younger students may require a parent to be present to keep the young student focused and disciplined during the lesson.


How can I get better audio?
  • For better audio / sound quality, In your Zoom Audio settings:
    • Disable “Automatically adjust microphone volume”
    • Under Advanced:
      • Disable “Suppress Intermittent Background Noise”
      • Enable “Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone

For more information to optimize zoom audio click this link to watch a Tutorial Video

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