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The piano has been around for over 300 years and yet the methods that many piano teachers use are just as old. We live in a modern era where children are accustomed to technology and they need an enriching education. Today iPads are used in schools and are considered as a normal part of education. There are various music tools available from the App Store but keep in mind that technology could never replace a music teacher. Furthermore, there are many teachers that have seen positive results by incorporating the following apps into their lesson plan. If you are a parent, I encourage you to use these piano apps with you child. 

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Designer: ForScore, LLC

Type: Performance 

Review: This is one of the greatest music apps available for musicians. What does it do? Its lets you keep your sheet music on your iPad and take detailed notes. You can upload all of your sheet music into the app and organize it in anyway you like. Eventhough this app is a little pricy it is tottaly worth it! Every performer needs this app!

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Piano Maestro 

Designer: JoyTunes

Type: Piano Education

Review: This is hands down the best app for all young students and piano teachers! Piano Maestro is ranked the #1 Education App for a reason since it helps students practice and learn their sight reading, rhythm, technique and playing with both hands. Students can learn to play songs step by step and have access to various practice options. Teachers can use well known piano method books since all books can be found in the library section. Receive weekly progress reports to track your student’s progress in between lessons and remotely assign homework with personal notes to have students practice songs and exercises. The software uses a microphone to verify if you are playing the correct notes and keeps track of your high scores. I highly recommend teachers to purchase the membership for this amazing app! 

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Type: Exams

Review: I use this app every day as a teacher. You can create custom visual or auditory exams for your students and keep track of their test scores. This app is extremly useful and makes theory tests into a fun game.

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Designer: Frozen Ape

Type: Metronome 

Review: All musicians know that a metronome is the most important tool to have. Of course there are many metronomes available that will accomplish the same goal but if you are a serious musician then Tempo is the app for you. Not only does it keep tempo in every time signature available but you can also accent any beat you chose. From the sleek design to the preloaded custom tempos for each song I can say “this is the best digital metronome.”

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Theory Lessons


Type: Theory

Review: This app features 39 offline music theory lessons from which are presented in animated versions. This is great to have when you need to visually teach a class on notation or any other music subject but you could always view the lessons for free on the online website.

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Piano Dust Buster

Designer: JoyTunes

Type: Piano Game

Review: Such a fun sight reading game. This is a great introduction for piano and no previous experience needed. Students have the option to begin practicing reading notation, compete against other players or challenge themselves to many songs ranging from classical to pop. Right from the beginning you will be playing simple songs directly on the iPad. It’s a great way to introduce the piano to kids of any age with silly animations and a fun game concept. There are 2 great features that can also be used with an acoustic piano since the app uses the iPad’s microphone to determine if the right notes are being played. The first feature is “Simple Mode” and it is great for a child to play along and reach a high score as they compete against other kids around the world. The second feature is “Staff Mode” and I love to use this as sight reading for my students. This app goes hand in hand with “Piano Maestro” and I tend to use it as a treat for students once they finish their homework. If you really want to enjoy this app to its full potential you will need to be connected to a teacher’s account to unlock all the songs. Though the idea is genius it tends to lack the simplicity of its sister app “Piano Maestro”.

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Music Tools

Designer: OnStage Technologies 

Type: Music Dictionary

Review: A musical dictionary is important for classical musicians. This app is only available for the iPhone but has a wide range of musical terms and definitions. It’s a great dictionary to carry in your pocket and it also comes with various reference charts.

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Garage Band

Designer: Apple

Type: Songwriting 

Review: As a musician, one of the greatest accomplishments possible is to create your own music. Garage Band helps musicians explore their creative side allowing you to record, layer and edit your own musical creations.

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