Private Piano Lesson Course

What you can expect to learn

Private Piano Lessons are scheduled every week at the same time in your home. The course begins in the fundamentals of music and proceeds to develop various musical skills such as the study of melody, harmony, rhythm, terminology and aural skill development. Students will fortify their skills through technical exercises including scales, arpeggios and chords to develop a sense of pulse, tone quality and proper fingering. This course incorporates technology to further help students learn to read, write, and understand the basic elements of music. Additionally students will gain experience performing in different meters, keys signatures and various styles of music such as classical, pop and jazz. Lessons are tailored to the student’s specific learning needs. All materials are provided by the instructor. For more information click here to view the policy.

Lesson Structure:

Warm Up: Games, Scales & Exercises

Lesson: Methods, Technique  & Exams

Performance: Classical, Pop & Jazz

Homework: Music History & Theory




A parent or guardian is required to be present during all lessons. Enforcing practice is part of the parent’s responsibility. All cancellations will be considered as forfeited. New students are required to enroll in lessons for 1 semester. It is highly encouraged for students to have an acoustic piano at home in order to ensure proper development. An electronic keyboard is permitted until the completion of level one.

Trial Lesson

The trial lesson allows you to experience a regular lesson by meeting the teacher, getting acquainted with their teaching style and discussing your expectations and goals. The teacher will also evaluate the student’s natural musical talent and explain which package is best suited for the student according to age and potential.


Tuition is due the first week of each month. Please note that lessons are 1 Hour (45 minutes of instruction and 15 minutes of travel). Some months have 3, 4 or 5 lessons and the monthly tuition takes this into consideration so that you pay the same average amount every month (20 Lessons ÷ 5 Months). You will receive a recurring invoice which can be paid online or by check. You are eligible to receive a 10% discount when you purchase a semester in advance (20 Lessons). The tuition covers not only the actual lesson time spent with the student but also the expenses of the instructor and the time preparing for each student which include:

Individualized Lesson Plans for Each Student • Development of Teaching Material • Training & Experience • Certifications • Expenses For Travel & Gas • Insurance • Repertoire Planning • Sheet Music • Method Books • Theory Materials • Printing Costs • Bookkeeping • Scheduling • Website Cost • Technology • Recital Venue


  • The student must have a desire to learn and is not being forced.
  • A parent or guardian must always be present during lessons.
  • If a parent or guardian is not present, then the lesson will be canceled without refund or credit.
  • The parent is required to provide an acoustic piano for practice and instruction by level 2.
  • The parent will help the student to organize regular practice each day.


Learning a musical instrument requires commitment and habitual absences are not good for the student’s development. If you are late then your lesson will still end at the same scheduled time. All lessons must be attended weekly at the same scheduled time. Three weeks or more of missed lessons will result in your time slot being available for other students and will require the student to register again. Please note that your time slot is exclusive to yourself and you are paying for that time slot even if you are not able to attend.

  • Weekly lessons are required from August to May (Excluding Holidays)
  • Students may enroll any time of the month and the first month’s tuition will be prorated.
  • A parent or guardian is required to be present during all lessons.
  • Students are expected to be prepared and punctual for all lessons.
  • Students who are late for a lesson will not receive their complete lesson time.
  • Please do not delay the instructor after your lesson time has ended since other students are waiting.
  • For questions and concerns please speak to the instructor before the lesson by phone or email.
  • Traffic may cause the instructor to arrive late. In case this happens you will still receive a full lesson.


All cancellations are considered as forfeited and will not receive a refund. Same day cancellations will be considered as forfeited and do not qualify for a make-up lesson. Even if you can’t show up for a lesson, you are still required to pay for the missed lesson.  Canceled lessons may qualify for a make-up lesson when notified within 24 hours but will incur a rescheduling fee. A make-up lesson is optional and will depend on the instructor’s schedule. There is a strict limit of only one make-up lesson per month. You may cancel two lessons in a month but only one lesson will qualify for a make-up lesson. To take advantage of this provision you must reschedule within the same month and make-up lessons cannot roll over to another month. Make-up lessons can be made in person or via webcam.

  • To reschedule a lesson please call or text (561) 907-7310 or email
  • If you know you will be away you can ask for your lesson plans and homework assignments to be sent via email.
  • A notification of absence must be given at least 24 hours in advance (the day before) prior to the lesson in order to qualify for a make-up lesson.
  • Canceling a lesson for vacation, school activities or being tired will not qualify for a make up lesson.
  • Absolutely no make-up, credit or refund will be given for any missed lessons.
  • A make-up lesson or discount will be arranged if the instructor becomes unavailable due to an emergency, sickness or inclement weather.
  • In the event of a hurricane or natural disaster, all canceled lessons will qualify for a discount but only during the days in which public schools have closed.
  • Students are required to commit to lessons for an entire semester, after that time you may withdraw from lessons.
  • Before the semester concludes please give the instructor a one-month advance notice if you are withdrawing from all private lessons.
  • If you withdraw from lessons before the end of the semester you will be charged a 20% penalty on your remaining balance.


  • $25 Late Payment Fee (per month)
  • $25 Returned Check Fee (per check)
  • $25 Reschedule Fee (per make-up lesson)
  • $25 New Level Fee (each new level will increase lessons by $6.25)
  • $50 Registration Fee will be charged every year for new and returning students.


  • New students are required to enroll in lessons for 1 semester to ensure progress, after that time you may withdraw from lessons.
  • One-month advance notice is required to withdraw from all private lessons.
  • Tuition from students who terminate lessons before the end of the month will not be refunded.
  • Unused tuition is non-transferable & non-refundable. It will remain as lesson credits from the date when the amount is received.
  • JM Piano does not give tuition refund under any circumstance.


The following acts will result in an immediate dismissal without a refund:

  • Habitual absences.
  • Missing two lessons in a row without notification.
  • The student not making an adequate effort or preparation.
  • Disrespectful or inappropriate behaviors toward teacher or other students by student or parents.
  • Non-payment of lesson fee for three weeks or longer from the due date.


Every year we hold a formal recital that is free of charge so that all family and friends may attend. Participation is mandatory for all students but first year students may be exempt if they choose. Students should wear formal attire. Shorts, miniskirts, jeans or gym shoes are considered as inappropriate attire and the student will not be allowed to perform in the recital.

Groups Events

The piano sounds beautiful by itself, but it is very encouraging to play with and for others. Not only is playing in public good practice but it is also a great way to reduce stage fright. Everyone has fun and it allows for a chance to perform for peers and fellow students in a relaxed setting. Group events will be hosted during the school year and all are encouraged to come free of charge.

Photo and Video Release

I have my own website at where I use photos and short videos of my students which I also post on YouTube and Social Media. These videos and posts are helpful and encouraging to others. Most students enjoy seeing themselves online and they find it motivating to know they can encourage others to learn music. By signing this document, you agree to give the instructor permission to record videos and feature content of this student on social media and promotional items. The students are identified only by first name.


As a teacher, I have prepared my work towards instruction. Please note that I am not being paid to perform and doing so will take away valuable time from the lesson but I will help the student reach their performance goals so that you will hear the student perform. I have many students of different races, religions, ethnicities, and backgrounds. So as to show respect and not offend anyone I will abstain from teaching religion based music and focus on Jazz, Pop, and Classical repertoire but I do encourage all my students to learn any and all music they would like to learn with the skills they have developed.

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