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Pros: Learn Anywhere & Flexible Times

Cons: Learning Curve & Camera Set Up

Summary: Online lessons must be the most difficult way to learn a musical instrument but with the right teacher you can make progress. The benefits of online lessons are that you can learn from anywhere in the world as long as you have an instrument and an electronic device with a camera like an iPad or a laptop. The most popular applications for online teaching are Zoom, Skype and Facetime. The way that the camera is set up is essential for both the teacher and student. Teachers will always have availability to teach online especially at late hours of the night or in the morning. This option is ideal for adults that want to learn at their own pace or for students who cannot attend school due to COVID-19. Most online teachers will charge around $40 per half hour but that depends on the teacher. Nothing compares to having a teacher in person that can literally guide you but learning in your room is pretty fun.

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Pros: Lower Prices & Easy Scheduling

Cons: Driving Time & Distractions

Summary: Public schools may offer group music lessons, but this will limit a student’s progress and should only be viewed as an introduction for children. A music school is the most popular option for private lessons with various teachers to choose from, but you will be distracted with the noises heard from students playing drums and electric guitar in the other rooms. Some of the best music teachers you will find have their own studio at home and only teach one instrument. Most of these options are start around $35 per half hour but that depends on the teacher. Remember, sometimes low-cost means low-quality instruction which can cause you to progress slower and leave you frustrated.

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Pros: Save Time & Progress Faster

Cons: Limited Availability & Expensive

Summary: Music lessons in your home will definitely save you time and gas! Learning at your home is the most comfortable environment. Also, the best way to master an instrument is to learn on the same one you practice with. Learning on a teacher’s instrument instead of your own can make lessons confusing, especially for beginners. Additionally, a great benefit of in-home lessons is that the student is already warmed up after the lesson providing momentum to begin practicing immediately. Practice leads to great results and results mean money well spent! A good traveling teacher is hard to come by and are more expensive. Since travel limits the number of students a teacher can have, there is usually a waiting list. Most music teachers that travel to your home are a high-end luxury and will charge around $50 per half hour but that depends on the teacher. If you are the kind of person that likes everything delivered to your home, then a traveling teacher is the best option for you.

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