Private Piano Lesson Course

What you can expect to learn

Private Piano Lessons are scheduled every week at the same time in your home. The course begins in the fundamentals of music and proceeds to develop various musical skills such as the study of melody, harmony, rhythm, terminology and aural skill development. Students will fortify their skills through technical exercises including scales, arpeggios and chords to develop a sense of pulse, tone quality and proper fingering. This course incorporates technology to further help students learn to read, write, and understand the basic elements of music. Additionally students will gain experience performing in different meters, keys signatures and various styles of music such as classical, pop and jazz. Lessons are tailored to the student’s specific learning needs. All materials are provided by the instructor. For more information click here to view the policy.

Lesson Structure:

Warm Up: Games, Scales & Exercises

Lesson: Methods, Technique  & Exams

Performance: Classical, Pop & Jazz

Homework: Music History & Theory

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