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What to look for in a piano teacher…

Parents want the best for their children but trying to find the right piano teacher can be like searching for a needle in a haystack! It can be difficult but it’s a good thing you’re in the right place. There are many factors to consider before enrolling in lessons but these 3 tips will help you find the right music teacher.


Find the right person

Your child will spend one-on-one time with this person for weeks, months and possibly years so make sure you find a teacher you like! Nothing is better than an experienced teacher, but nothing is worse than a teacher who is rigid. Find someone who is encouraging and funny; humor is valuable with kids. A piano teacher may become a role model and someone who is there during their teenage years as a confidant so make sure your child likes the teacher.


Have guaranteed results

Not all music instructors are experienced performers with a music degree but every teacher should at least have some level of experience. Ask about their musical background and keep in mind that a great performer may not have the qualities and social skills that make a great teacher. Someone who is patient, good with kids and can teach clearly will go a long way! A good sign is an organized teacher with a studio policy that includes information about payments, supplies and cancellations.


Make sure it works for you

How far are you willing to drive for lessons? Factor in rush hour traffic, driving distance and gas. A music school might seem ideal at first glance but I recommend a teacher who comes to your house. Traveling teachers are very convenient since they save much of your time but they are rare to find and usually have a waiting list. Be prepared for a specific schedule as traveling teacher’s factor in driving time, traffic and parking. Expect to pay a premium for this service.

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